Girls Basketball Tryouts

Girls Basketball Tryouts

Trying out for a sport can be the most nerve-wracking thing to have to do. Especially at such a young age. You can get cut off from your favorite sport and lose interest. Why is it that everyone gets nervous trying out for a sport that you know you are good at. One of the varsity girl players Bree Johnson states, “I never get too nervous about tryouts because with girls’ sports, we don’t really get cut unless you just don’t have enough experience. The nerves really start to hit when they start naming off who is on which team, what if I don’t hear my name, how would I react, would I cry? That’s the most nerve-wracking thing about the tryouts.”

Sports can be constantly stressful already as they are and having tryouts carrying more of a weight on your back can make things worse. Being able to push through the stress is something that most athletes go through every day and not being able to show emotion, and barely getting to show emotion on the court, or the referees could give them a technical making the other team have an advantage.

Girls Basketball doesn’t get a lot of attention and never really has, so getting attention on these talented girls is something that has to be done soon rather than later. If they get zero attention, they will end up thinking that their tryouts aren’t as important, especially since no one really gets cut.

Another girl from the varsity team, Logan Sailors says, “I’m very comfortable when it comes to tryouts, but I think what really got me so nervous was its my first year of high school and I didn’t want to mess anything up, I didn’t know what these tryouts were going to be like. So, I went in as tough as I could and showed them what I could do to benefit the team. I think that’s what everyone needs to do when going into a sport, they need to be confident in themselves, they know what they are doing, and get all scared for no reason. The coaches understand if you mess up a couple of times, that’s life and I think most athletes don’t really think that way because they want to try their hardest to be the best they can, with no mistakes, but mistakes are what make you better.”

Everyone has their fears and have things that they dread, but as long as you know what you are doing and know how to make stressful situations into fun lighthearted things you have nothing to worry about. Being an athlete is one of the most stressful things a person can do to themselves, they will constantly have their bad and good days, especially in high school. One thing that these basketball girls have had to learn was to keep their lives stress free on the week of tryouts, and to stay positive!