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please report to the journalism room
Hailey Mejia not coming down for her interview.
Hailey Mejia not coming down for her interview.
Lindsey Harman

Have you ever gotten a pass from yearbook or newspaper? If so, are you the type of person who actually goes or just doesn’t go and maybe walks around the hallway. Either way, in this article you are going to learn why it is so important to come down for interviews and what a few students do when they get a pass.

When you don’t come down for your interviews not only is frustrating for the people who send the passes, but it also affects their grade. Students not coming down for their interviews during the time slot recommend puts the yearbook behind and the newspaper a day behind on publishing their story’s.

Katherine Chianis (sophomore) said,” I usually don’t come down for the interviews because I don’t want to be in the yearbook.”

If you receive a pass and you don’t want to be interviewed, then you should simply email the person that wanted to interview you, if you don’t know their name email Mrs. Strong the head of the newspaper department or Mrs. Mcculloch the head of the yearbook department.

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Hannah Hekking (sophomore) said, “When I get a slip for being interviewed for yearbook or newspaper I usually don’t go down because I roam the halls instead.”

Hekking is not the only student who does this. Lots of students do this and it throws the person’s work into delay and then they have to go find a new person to interview.

Here are some thoughts from an actual student from the yearbook.

Megan Virllarreal (sophomore) said,” the people that come down for interviews are all so clueless, they hesitate on walking in the classroom and run straight to the teacher or just don’t come down at all. And they don’t even put in the effort to finding the room, and just end up roaming the halls.”

These things that students do make our jobs as being part of the newspaper and the yearbook a lot harder. So, if you get a pass, please come down for it makes not only our job easier but easier for you too, this way we do not keep calling you down over and over again.

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