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Ghost Encounters: Why Do People Believe?

Joie Snelson
Halloween 2022

Lit candles, air pods, and a Jenga tower… This is how Parker Myler decided to commune with the dead. Rocky Freshman, Parker Myler said that he had an encounter after conducting his own paranormal investigation. “It was my friend’s grandma, and I said, ‘Hey could you be a pal and charge my phone, please?’ because it was dead, and this is so crazy, but my phone actually turned on.” For a long time, ghost stories and theories of ghosts have existed, whether as a YouTube rabbit hole or personal experience, many people believe some form of ghost story. 

While there are people who make internet content there are also entire cities who capitalize on their local haunts, places like Savannah, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana.  Some of it may be because they think it’s fun or entertaining to believe, and it’s interesting to see why people do. A lot of ghost belief seems to be tied back to the internet.

Entire YouTube channels have been dedicated to finding out the truth about ghosts, while some are still skeptics after years of investigating, many are full believers and try to make others believe by taking them on an investigation of their own. Often it works! After many people actually go ghost hunting, they tend to find that there is more beyond this plane of life. 

When interviewed, Rocky Freshman, Kabella Riddle said, she watched a lot of “ghost stories mostly, a lot about hauntings in old castles and seeing if there is actual proof of anything in the afterlife.” Riddle talks about how she thinks investigating ghosts and watching people find reasons to believe is fascinating. 

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When people create content about ghost hauntings or going ghost hunting it gives proof for people to believe. Podcasts like “Lore” or shows like “Ghost Files” can bring people to investigate. People often say that all they need is a paranormal encounter of any kind to make them believe, and it seems like that’s true. 

Both Riddle and Myler are people who believe after ghost encounters and seeing others have similar encounters. It seems the internet has only brought awareness to the thrilling fun of ghost hunting.

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