Titanic- Movie Review

Rezon Gashi, Photographer

The Titanic is a classic movie seen by millions of people across the world. It is the 20th anniversary of this amazing movie and it is in theaters now in honor of it. The Titanic’s genre is drama, history, and romance. It was released on December 19th, 1997 and was an instant success. The movie was directed by Jean Niculescu and had lead roles from actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The components of the different genres are shown throughout the film through its drama, history, and romance.


To begin to understand the Titanic movie you must first understand the drama that is incorporated throughout it. The first sign of drama is Rose’s affair with Jack. This was a very big deal because she cheated on her fiancé who was also aboard the Titanic and it caused much friction throughout the film. To add on to this Rose’s mother was highly skeptical about Jack because he was a lower-class person on societies scale. Her family was also very low on money and business was not going well, so Rose marrying her fiancé would play key in her family’s survival. All of this together made for very good drama throughout the movie. The next set of drama was that they were trying to get off a sinking boat. It showed the truth about how people react when times are in life and death, and it showed who would throw other people overboard to survive. This high stress environment created for great drama scenes throughout the movie that you could truly feel. According to Sergio Serna, a student at Rocky Mountain High School, he says, “The movie really gets your heart racing, it’s definitely one of my favorite dramas.” This was a feeling shared by thousands of people throughout the country.


The next component to the movie is the history. It is based on the actual sinking of the Titanic ship. This was a brutal incident that killed many people who were on board. The titanic was a ship that was said is impossible to sink, however that is until it hit an iceberg. The iceberg tore a hole through the bottom of the ship and as water started to fill in it tipped the ship over. Many people were able to make it out alive, however a lot of people died. The historical evidence of the Titanic was displayed very well throughout the movie. It was very accurate. Gabe Hernandez, a student at Rocky Mountain High School, stated, “I feel like I learned more in the titanic movie than in class!” This shows just how historically accurate the Titanic is.


The last component of the Titanic is romance. This is seen throughout the love triangle between Rose, Jack, and Rose’s fiancé. Rose fell in love with Jack, Jack loves Rose, and the fiancé loves Rose. This makes for some very interesting scenes and displays of romance as they both try and win her over. This is much easier for Jack to do. Rose eventually ends up having an affair with Jack and he wins her over!


The Titanic is a great movie with many different twists and turns. It keeps watchers entertained and engaged throughout the whole thing. Whether it’s through its drama, history, or romance it truly is a classic.