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Cough Some More with Covid!

4 years later Rocky students reflect on their Covid experiences.
Image of Rocky Mountain Highschool stairs
Sophia Arnold
Image of Rocky Mountain Highschool stairs

2020… the Era of a worldwide spread sickness called the corona virus, otherwise known as Covid. Students and teachers walked into the Rocky building. The halls were empty, and the classes were hardly full.

The days were categorized by A and B days based on last names. Many students report that this form of learning was not useful and did not help them out.

When asked about what they could’ve changed about this time, or what they didn’t like, the responses went along the same lines.

Carley Mesmer, a senior at Rocky stated, “I think the A and B days made people more distant from school and friends.”

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Mr. McNally, a teacher at Rocky said, “Not doing every other day and splitting people apart would’ve helped.”

Looking back at the memories of it, opinions are that it was overall a valuable experience. It had damage on many people’s social lives while others say their best memories were made during that time. Moments in life like those experienced during Covid were said to be better happened than not. Although it was a good learning experience, others did not have such a good time. The sickness was deadly, and millions of people passed from it.

A Senior at Rocky that chooses to remain anonymous said, “My uncle passed away. He was my role model and one of the most important people to me, and that was all taken away due to covid. I mean, I’m glad of the person it’s made me though. I feel like I have a better understanding of life now and I’ve learned to be more appreciative.

The impact of Covid on rocky had its ups and downs for everyone and proved very eventful for the impacts it’s had on people’s lives. Rocky could have improved on the way they went about their response to Covid, like how as stated the A & B days were not a fan favorite, and the seemingly forever ruined social life being put to a halt due to the circumstances was also not the most enjoyable, it was better lived than not had happened at all. That’s something agreed upon by all the people that were interviewed.

Source Jaden Archer, a first-year student at Rocky said, “If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t. But I’m most definitely glad for the experience because it made me grow as a person and helped me learn and get to know myself better.”

Overall covid definitely affected everyone. It was a hard time that I don’t think any of us will forget even though its already been 4 years since.

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