Spring Break Dream Destinations

Statue of Liberty


Statue of Liberty

Andrew Jenson, Copy Editor

Newport Beach California (Andrew )
Lady Liberty
Beautiful beach in the Virgin Islands


Spring break is in just a couple of weeks and it’s so exciting to look forward to. It’s so fun to travel and explore new areas and countries. It’s perfect to travel during spring break because it’s not overly cold and not overly hot. It’s the ideal temperature and weather to enjoy vacationing in most places. Spring break will take place March 20-24th this year and Rocky Mountain is getting excited. But there are so many places in the world to travel, so what are some travel destinations the students of Rocky Mountain want to go see.
Travel is so important because it lets people explore new areas and try new things they might get to try back where they live. It also allows people to learn about new cultures and lifestyles, which is good for people to know about. Not only that, but tourists get to try different authentic cuisine that where they live might not offer. All these experiences open people’s eyes to why travel is so important.
First off, should spring break be longer? The last couple years spring break has been a weeklong but is that really enough time to have a good vacation? From traveling the world to even just exploring your hometown, extra time would be a lot more meaningful and would help students get more out of spring break. One week is barely enough time to enjoy a trip, especially if someone is traveling to a foreign country. When asked if spring break is too short Isaac Madine (sophomore) stated, “Yes it should be two weeks.” This is a good point because Spring break is meant for traveling and 2 weeks is a good length of time to travel.
Now where do the students of rocky mountain want to travel or go as their bucket list spring break destination? When asked what your top three bucket list travel destinations are, Carter Myler (a Junior) said, “Paris, Disney world, and Greece.” All of those places are really cool and popular for travel. Asia Murphy (a sophomore) stated that she would want to go to, “Japan, Germany, and France.” Those are some very cool countries that are perfect for travel. Isaac Madine (a sophomore) said he’d like to go to “Belgium, Japan, and Dubai.” All three are very beautiful countries that everyone should want to go to.
With spring break around the corner get excited to travel! Even if its just around your hometown, have fun and try new things! Spring break is the perfect time to travel and everyone should at least try to go somewhere even if it’s just downtown or to McCall for a day.