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Exploring the Trendiest Apps Taking Over Rocky
Ruby Wagner
Maci Robbins playing the Watermelon Game.

In the expanding world of digital applications, certain platforms reign supreme among the students of Rocky. Some of the most popular apps are Snapchat, Instagram, the addictive “I Love Watermelon” game, and the sensational TikTok app.

Capturing Moments in Real Time Snapchat, a multimedia messaging app, easily secures its place as a favorite among Rocky users with its captivating feature, “Stories,” Snapchat allows individuals to document their lives through real-time photos and videos. Van Wagner says “I don’t have snapchat on my phone because I don’t find it entertaining to take random pictures of the dark and send it to people for an imaginary number.  Snapchat can form a sense of connection among friends and classmates, creating a digital legacy that only lasts for 24 hours. The app’s extensive filter options, animated emojis, and interactive lenses constantly keep users entertained.

Instagram, the photo, and video sharing app has transformed into a digital gallery where Grizzlies showcase their creativity and passions. The platform serves as an outlet for users to share aesthetically pleasing snapshots and engage in visual storytelling.

The love affair with Instagram lies in its vast range of filters and editing tools, enabling users to create captivating visuals. Whether it’s posting eye-catching landscapes, mouth-watering meals, or glimpses into their hobbies, students have embraced Instagram as a means of self-expression and connection with like-minded individuals.

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  1. I Love Watermelon game: A slice of addictive fun among the popular apps enjoyed by students at Rocky.

Ask anyone at Rocky if they have played the watermelon game. For example, Finley Sullivan was asked, “have you heard of the watermelon game going around?” Finleys response was, “Flip yeah! I play it and I have a total of 8 watermelons. I would really recommend it but it’s really difficult because I can’t get the dang fruits together. The “I Love Watermelon” game stands out as a delightful and addictive pastime. Gwynn Tompson said, “I highly recommend getting the shakers because you have all of these amazing fruits but sometimes, they get suck, so you have to shake your phone to help them collab.” The casual, yet engaging game is a mix between 2048 and Tetris. With its straightforward gameplay and colorful graphics, the game frequently serves as a pastime during study breaks or moments between classes.

  1. TikTok: Fueling Creativity Through Short Videos

TikTok has taken Grizzlies by storm, gaining immense popularity with its innovative video-sharing platform. Defined by its short, snappy clips and an extensive music library, TikTok fosters creativity and showcases the talent and personalities of its users. From hilarious lip-syncing to choreographed dance routines and comedic skits, students utilize TikTok as a stage for self-expression and exploration. Engrossed in an environment that thrives on trends and challenges, Rocky embraced TikTok’s interactive features and engaging content, sparking countless creative endeavors.

In conclusion, the landscape of popular apps has a diverse range of platforms that fuel connections, creativity, and entertainment. These students find solace, inspiration, and sheer enjoyment through the immersive experiences provided by Snapchat, Instagram, the addictive “I Love Watermelon” game, and the ever-enchanting TikTok.


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Ruby Wagner
Ruby Wagner is a freshman at Rocky. This is her first year in journalism and she is excited for the 2023-2024 school year. She enjoys hanging with her friends and working out.

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