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Comic Con: A follow up

Alexandria Wilson
Rylynn Manning with Deadpool cosplayer

An exciting day for all who attend, comic con passed as soon as it came. The event lasted two days, April 6-7. The crowd was large and so were the booths, each having something different to sell. 

One of those booths was owned by Texanne and Jermey Warner, the store, called First Person Clothing. They sell backpacks, hats, wallets and many other fandom themed accessories. When asked about how they prepared their stock for Comic con, Jermey Warner said, “I usually like to look up what movies just came out and what celebrities will be there.” He went on to explain that because Sean Astin was going to be there, that they sold more things from Lord of the Rings and other franchises he was in. 

Texanne Warner said that there was a lot that went into setting up the booth as well. They had to bring tables, racks and their boxes of supplies, and then there was a creative process to be taken about how they wanted their booth to look. 

Jeremy Warner also talked about how sales went during Comic Con 2024 for them, “Saturday was busy, yet we didn’t make many sales,” He said, stating as well that it was odd and not the expectation for the first day, “Sunday was much less packed but we made a lot more sales.” This seemed to be different than most years and opposite of what they would have guessed.

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Jeremy and Texanne Warner gave some advice when it came to starting a booth, “Find your niche interest,” and make it work, he explained.

Now, following up with Rylynn Manning, who made her costume for comic con. And what her experience was at comic con, “I got very lost, I turned, and all my friends were gone.” Manning said with a laugh, moving on to how she spent close to $100 on booth stuff. When asked if there was a booth that stood out the most, Manning replied with “There was this one, they made bookmark things.” She also said that her favorite cosplayer was Deadpool who asked to take a picture with her. According to Manning she had a great time. 

From running the booths to dressing up and attending, Comic Con 2024 seemed to be quite the hit.

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