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Freshman Earn Extended Lunch For 4th Quarter

Freshman at Rocky Mountain High School have been stuck in advisory for most of the year, while the upperclassmen with good grades get to leave.
Natalie Rinaldi
Juan Villagrana having a blast at lunch.

If ninth graders had grades above a C on February 22nd, they earned extended lunch until spring break. Many students were still stuck in advisory because they did not get their grades up before grade check. On March 15th, there was another grade check for freshman to determine if they’ll be enrolled in advisory for the 4th quarter.

Advisory is the time for students to catch up on schoolwork, and to get their grades up. It is a 30-minute class period that many students dread since they are finished with their schoolwork already. For this reason, West Ada School District allows extended lunch to reward students who are caught up in school. For the 2023- 2024 school year, upperclassmen like sophomores, juniors, and seniors, are allowed to leave if their grades are above a D or an F. For the remainder of the year, freshman students who have above a 3.5 GPA are granted extended lunch. Many students were not permitted to take this opportunity, as their grades were not at their peak during grade check.

Many freshman students who are in advisory are disappointed that they missed this opportunity. One of them, Lilly Lomeli, has been in advisory all of second semester. She says, “I use advisory to get my work done and be productive. I just wish I had more time to eat my lunch.” Lomeli is working hard to get her grades up to get out of advisory. She has been communicating with teachers and studying to be able to have a longer time to eat her lunch.

On the other hand, a handful of students are excited to take on this opportunity, as they get to skip out on advisory. Maci Robbins, freshman, is not enrolled in advisory. She states, “Freshman should get out of advisory just because staying in one classroom for two hours straight for like advisory and whatever is torture. I think they should be able to get up and move around. Obviously also have a good lunch so they can refresh till the next class.”  Robbins claims that teenagers do not want to sit in the same class for more than two hours long. She says that advisory did not benefit her, and she is glad that she kept her grades up. She likes having the longer lunch, so she will be keeping her grades up to continue receiving extended lunch.

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Chase McKelvey, the Business Essentials teacher at Rocky Mountain High School, gives his opinion on extended lunch. “I believe freshman that are struggling with their grades and their GPA, say it’s less than 3.5, should have to stay in advisory to know how to manage their time and increase their grades and make progress and improve their grades throughout the school.”  McKelvey agrees with this opportunity given to freshman. He thinks that advisory is beneficial for students who need extra help. He himself has his own advisory class and wishes that he could have extended lunch since he runs the school store as well.

Overall, the freshman class is pleased to have extended lunch because it gives them more time to hang out with their friends, go out to eat, and reset for afternoon classes.

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Natalie Rinaldi
Natalie Rinaldi, Reporter
Natalie Rinaldi is a freshman here at Rocky Mountain High School. She enjoys playing volleyball and played for the freshman team this year. Some other things she likes to do is spend time with her friends outside of school. She is very excited to be a part of the Rocky Newspaper this upcoming semester.

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    Lincoln HMay 8, 2024 at 8:00 am

    This article was really good! I like all of the different perspectives from students that were in it. I also learned a lot about how people get out of advisory.