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Jingle All The Way: Rocky’s Annual Christmas Musical

Kayla Cunningham
This year’s cast singing at the Christmas musical.

Held every Year at Rocky the winter music festival is an exciting event that many Rocky students attend yearly, with this year it being held December 20th. Ashley Taylor, a Junior at Rocky regularly attends. “I’ve been doing these concerts for 3 years now.”

Said Taylor she continues with

“I love the winter choir concerts, it’s so much fun when everything starts coming together and sounding amazing. It becomes really magical too when it ends up snowing outside while we’re singing. I’m most excited to sing our difficult songs because it blows away the audience when everyone is singing something different, and it gets loud and pretty all at the same time.”

To practice the studies her music at night and listen to files and background music while driving. “I have a job, so I don’t have a ton of extra free time.” Said Tyra Baxter a Junior at Rocky Loves attending the winter just because of the formatting of the event.

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“The way that we set it up is more like a show that engages the audience. We also include transition numbers for small groups of people or duets/solos to put together a song outside of class to display the individual talent in our group. I’ve never attended it because I’ve always been a part of it. I’m excited to perform with a professional for one of acapella’s songs. we are bringing in a guest soprano soloist for the song and she’s amazing!”

She spoke. Baxter has worked very hard for this event.

“I’ve had to memorize my part for 10 different songs and memorize choreography for 2 of those songs. and that’s just for school choir, not to mention the choir I do outside if school as well. It has been somewhat difficult for me to prepare because I’ve had to memorize so many different songs and choreography for some of those songs, but I always enjoy putting in the work. when it’s something I love doing I don’t mind doing it every day, it keeps me happy.”

Baxter finishes with

“There has been a good amount of people who have helped me prepare such as our director Brandi Cook, our piano players Elder Reese and Mrs. Tanner who are absolutely amazing at what they do, as well as the other people in my part(s) they help me to hear what i mess up and how I can help when we are doing sectionals. I’m a section leader for some of our choirs and when we break into sections and only work on our part rather than all the parts at once it’s a lot easier to hear where we are messing up and how i can help.”

Skyler Holland a Junior at Rocky comments

“Yes, I enjoy the winter concert. Of the four concerts we do every year, this is one of the bigger ones and probably my favorite. I always love the music that we do, and the decorations, and we also have transition numbers in between choirs, which are basically solos or duets, or sometimes dances, and those are always fun to see. I’ve participated in the winter concert every year I’ve attended Rocky; this will be my third year.”

Said Holland He continues with

“I’ve definitely been looking forward to our more complicated music, and letting my friends and family see what we’ve been working on. In class we started working on our Christmas music immediately after the fall concert back in October, and I’ve been making a point to listen to all of it in my spare time to work on memorization. We’re in a good place for now, but by the time the concert comes in a week I’m confident we’ll all be ready. Learning and preparing new music in time for our next concert is always difficult, especially for the winter concert just because it’s such a busy time of year, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and preparing for Christmas (not to mention all our students who take other extracurriculars).”

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