Spooky Traditions at Rocky


Cameron Bush, Editor in Chief

October is almost over leaving the only one thing left…. Halloween! Many students at Rocky celebrate Halloween. Kenzie Brown, a junior at Rocky, enjoys celebrating this holiday “It’s just something I’ve done since I was a kid. I love spending Halloween with my siblings and going around trick-or-treating with them.” Brown states. When asking if she has any traditions, or memories, “We make a bonfire out front and kind of chill as a family. We always do pictures in the backyard with all our costumes. Me and my brother also map out the candy route ha-ha to get the most we can. We also always go to the pumpkin patch as a family and pick out new pumpkins to put out by our bonfire. We do the Same thing every year. Except for this one time when I was little, and this clown chased me and my brother with a fake knife that we both thought was very real.” She replies, laughing.  

Another student, Tanner Thornton, a junior, says “it’s fun to be scared and to just hang with friends. I started doing it because I got too big to go trick or treating. We just chill on that night. My mom hates Halloween and doesn’t like celebrating it. She just thinks it’s evil and kinda worships the devil.”  

Brady Abbott, a junior, at Rocky has heard that others don’t celebrate Halloween for the same reason “I know some families that don’t just because they see it as satanic or something. it’s fun to scare people and be scared. Our Halloween Tradition is we have a family Halloween party every year. A tradition my family has is we would always go out to random cornfields looking for “spooks”.” He ends with, “It’s just a fun holiday and kind of a pick me up before we hit thanksgiving, Christmas, and I love how it’s pretty much worldwide and everybody participates.”