The Key to a Great Outfit


Rezon Gashi, Copy Editor


Rocky Mountain High School is a remarkably interesting place for fashion. There are many people all around the school that come from unique places and have different senses of style. Many people from around the school can agree that shoes are a particularly important part of any outfit. It is a piece that can make or break the look. The way the colors combine and flow throughout an outfit can very well depend on the shape and silhouette of the shoe and its color combinations. What it comes down to is the color of the shoe, the shape, and the pants you wear with the shoes.  


The first grandiose thing about shoes at Rocky is the color of the shoes. For example, if you are wearing a red shirt it goes together well with a red shoe, and vice versa for other colors. A junior at Rocky Mountain High School named Sergio Serna stated, “I feel like having cool colors on my shoes really makes my whole outfit, it makes it all flow together well and just work.” What this means is that the color of the shoe can truly make or break an outfit.  


The second thing about shoes at Rocky is the shape of them. The different shapes can include high tops, mid tops, and low tops. This can affect things such as which pair of pants you wear with the shoes and how they fit in with the outfits. A senior at Rocky Mountain High School named DeSean James stated, “I personally like low top shoes like air forces more than high top ones because they look a lot cleaner to me and I can do things like cuff my pants with them.” Everyone has different preferences in shoes, and this is shown very well in the unique styles throughout Rocky.  


The last thing about shoes is that the brand of the shoe matters. Each brand has made different aesthetics for themselves, and it can set the tone for the whole outfit. Gabe Hernandez a first-year student at Rocky said, “I personally like Jordan’s because he is my favorite player and I like the style of the shoe.” Varied brands such as Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Rebok, Birkenstock, etc., have all made names for themselves in the fashion industry, and have specifically affected students at Rocky.  


Overall, shoes are an especially important part of fashion at Rocky and will forever influence fashion culture all over the world. It does this by the colors that it used, the shape of the shoe, and the brand. It is something you see all over Rocky and will continue to see.