Mid-Year Hybrid Learning Check In

Alexis Underhill, Photographer

Rocky Mountain High School has been consistent with the use of the hybrid learning system through Microsoft Teams.  The start of 2020 school year was a big struggle, with having to transition to a whole new way of learning. Now that it is 2021, it has become the norm. Though the overarching questions are, “Can students get the same education benefits as when the Covid-19 virus didn’t exist the way it does now?” and “What is the student’s preference with what they think better suits their learning style?” 

First, when the school year started, students at Rocky didn’t know how to use the program of Microsoft Teams, and were struggling with the hybrid learning system. Though now that the year is at its mid-point, students are familiar with the program and have adjusted to this way of hybrid learning. 

Even though it is the new norm for us students to go every other day and do all of our work online there is always some sort of technical difficulty that reserves us from what our teachers’ expectations areAlso, one thing that is promising about book learning is always being sure you are getting the information to the fullest and aren’t missing anything important” said student Sydney Brown.

Without a teacher in person there ready to answer any questions a student may have, there is simply a difference in the learning process. Students are much more inclined to ask clarifying questions and listen more intently when they are in-person learning.  

In addition, although Microsoft Teams may be more familiar to the students now, it is still having a negative effect on their learning

Candace Cross, another Rocky student, said, “I like reading on paper because I can’t comprehend what I’m reading online.”

 This shows that having online technology as the only way of receiving resources is causing substantial limitations for the students with lacking the option of having physical tools such as textbooks to refer to. Growing up, these students have gained their education through these physical materials and having to change the way of learning changes how the students’ brains comprehend information. Again, proving that the hybrid system is having a great negative affect with not having as many benefits, especially with just now introducing it, having to transition.  

Lastly, students at Rocky this year have been the laziest that they have ever been!

Sydney Brown, a junior here at Rocky shared that “on online days I find myself being extremely lazy because learning isn’t fun anymore and it is much harder to stay focused.”

This seems like a consistent pattern amongst students this school year. The lack of focus and energy by itself is toxic, looking forward to, as some hypothesize, making this generation a lazy and potentially dumber society. This is concerning because the teens of this world are the world’s future, and with a lack of crucial proper education, it can be a turn for the worst for future generations.  

Grace Miller, a student at Rocky claims, “I feel like I’ve learned nothing, I’m just trying to keep up on assignments but feel like none of the information is retained, though I’m okay with keeping everything hybrid next year because I want my senior year to be easy as possible.”

This actively demonstrates that not only are students this year just going through the motions with their work and are caring less about the education that they are missing out on. It seems as if it is harder for us students to absorb information, we are learning the way that we have been this last year. For many students’ entire academic lives, they have been accustomed to learning and consuming knowledge in person at a school, so it a huge adjustment for the subconscious to be learning this way. Plenty of reasons contribute to the negativity that has impacted all students for the past year now.   

In conclusion, everything that has been mentioned so far has proved that students are not receiving the same education benefits as pre-Covid-19. Students that want to get back to how things used to be are those who are concerned about their education and how that could affect generations under them. 

A very small handful are okay with the system because they can pass their classes with very low effort, however; it’s unfortunate for those that just can’t comprehend the information online and need hard copies and classroom time to succeed. There are variety of opinions on this new program, though overall as a whole proves that its negatively affecting student’s worth ethic and students have more drive to get their education with our old standard system.