What Is The Debate Team Up To?

Abigail Wilson, Editor in Chef

The debate team is always busy with upcoming tournaments and competitions. Especially this year with the COVID-19 pandemic, the debate teams’ events have looked very different. Instead of being in person at tournaments and competitions, the team has had to get used to virtual debates, meaning they compete online instead of traveling. The debate team gave more information and insights onto how their season is going so far this year. 

Dylan Hiersekorn, a student at RMHS and a member of the debate team for a couple years now, explained his experience with virtual competitions and this season. “The team is doing really well, even with the changes this year because of COVID we have won sweepstakes at multiple tournaments,” Hiersekorn said. He explained that even though their year has been different, the team has remained strong and confident. Hiersekorn explained, “We have had multiple different competitors win their events some even winning multiple events at a tournament.” The team has had to change the way they compete though. Instead of being face to face with an opponent they have had to compete by themselves in a room with a computer. “In the past years we travel to different schools and compete live and in person, this year we join an online chat room remotely from Rocky,” Hiersekorn said. Although this year is different, the team is still doing their best and crushing all their competitions! 

A new member of the debate team this year is Bayley Franklin. Franklin just joined debate this year and is already learning so much about the program. “My favorite part about debate has been meeting so many new people and learning new things,” Franklin stated. This year has definitely been different for the team, and she went into more detail on all their changes happening. Franklin explained how she likes doing debates online more.  Franklin said, “I do like it because it seems all around easier and less stressful to me personally.” The team has had to get used to some pretty big changes this year. They are doing amazing so far! 

This year has been a difficult year for our of the clubs at RMHS. Their events and competitions have been changed dramatically, and the clubs are doing their best to keep up with it. The debate team has overcome so much this year, and still continue to keep going and crushing their competitions. Go support the debate team today!