The Hybrid Schedule vs Parents and Their Students

Ryan McDaniel, Editor

The hybrid schedule has impacted so many of the students in our lives, but the parents have been impacted too. Due to this hybrid schedule some parents have had to change their schedule and even had to be more involved in their children’s lives. For some parents it has made them choose to be in home school.  


The school hybrid schedule has impacted many parents’ schedules and has made them more involved in their children’s life. Parents have had to be more involved in their kids’ lives and what they are doing in school. Anna McDaniel, a full-time mom, states “I do like having my kids at home, but it is challenging to help them with their school”. Even though it is nice for the parents to have their kids at home every other day to make sure they are doing their school, but most parents have had to help their kids with school but don’t know how to help. 


Parents have had to trust that students are making good time management choices while they are at home. As Janel Kozlowski, Secretary at a high school, states “Even though I am at work I have to hope that my son is getting his school work done and doing a good job” “ The younger my children are the harder it is for them to stay focused on what they are working on”. Students have been entrusted to get their school work done while they are at home but it just means that parents have to make sure that their kids are doing their work and if they can’t be their they have to hope that they are getting their work done by themselves.  


Some benefits to the hybrid schedule are that we are not learning 100% online. Anna McDaniel states “I like it a lot more than online learning”. Even though going every other day is not as effective as going everyday it is a lot better than doing school all online. As John McDaniel, a working parent, states “I personally think my kids aren’t getting the same information that they would get going to school normally”.  

During this time of uncertainty, our school as adapted to this by giving us this hybrid schedule. The best part about this schedule has enabled us to have school online and, in the building, but has also caused some parents to adapt to this change. It has also caused parents to be more involved in their academic lives.