Clubs at Rocky and Covid


Cole Christensen, Reporter


This year Covid has had a big effect on our school and its activities. The clubs are also being affected at Rocky. I conducted an interview with a student at Rocky. They are a part of National Honors Society. This person would like to remain anonymous. I asked them how the meetings have been during this pandemic. They said, “Covid has made things a lot more difficult. With masks and social distancing and masks it makes it hard to connect with each other. It is going to take some time to get used to.” 

I conducted another interview with a Rocky student who is a part of the football team. I asked them how has social distancing effected football. They said “With social distancing it has made it, so no fans or students are allowed in the crowed. The fans made everything more fun and exciting. They gave me the energy that I needed to perform at a high a level. I miss how fun the games used to be compared to what they are now, because there’s no fans in the stadium.” Covid is affecting this player, who would like to remain anonymous, performance. That affects the team because everyone has a role to fill in order to succeed. 

I asked another student that attends Rocky Mountain Highschool about the club that they are a part of. They were a part of the bowling club last year. I asked them if they are meeting for bowling club. They said, “Because bowling is a club that takes place outside of school we have not met yet. It is very hands on and could be dangerous because of the virus. I miss being able to meet regularly. It was very fun and something I always looked forward to.” This student has not even been able to meet for their club. 

This year at Rocky some of the clubs have met together and some are making the decision to not, because it is safer. When they do, I have come to the conclusion that things are a lot different than they were in years prior. Clubs are somethings that many students look forward to. They get students out of the house and active. They also provide as a way for students to build connections and have fun. It is up to the teachers or coaches on whether to meet or not. There are some positives to meeting, and negatives as it could be dangerous.