Rocky’s Baseball Senior Night


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the rocky mountain baseball team senior photo

Addison Burney, Reporter

Rocky’s baseball team will be having their senior night on Thursday, April 27th. The team will be playing against Borah High School at Rocky at 6:30pm.

The seniors on the Baseball team at Rocky are Casey Satterfield, Gavyn Garrison, Liam Ouellette, Patrick Gaffney, Peyton Hines, Seth Vogt, Tanner Larsen, and Tegan Sweaney.

Patrick Gaffney answered a few questions about senior night. First, he answered how he felt going into senior night. Patrick answered the question with, “Going into senior night I feel very nervous and anxious because it is a very important thing, but I am also excited because I’ve been waiting for it all season.” The next question is, what has been your favorite memory on the team? He responded with, “My favorite memory of the team is the rides to away games spending time listening to music and getting hyped up for the game” says Patrick. Patrick has been on the baseball team since eighth grade, but on varsity since sophomore year. Another question he answered was, what will you miss the most about playing on Rocky’s baseball team? “The thing that I will miss the most is the coaches and the family that rocky baseball creates. We are all close because we all have the same end goal of winning state” Patrick explained. Patrick also answered the question of, what has been your favorite game to play this season? Patrick then responded with, “My favorite game so far this year is our first-time playing, Mountain View. They are one of our biggest competitors and we all came together as a team to beat them.” Patrick will be going to Centralia College next year and he will play third basemen and pitcher. The last question Patrick answered was, what is the best advice that you have received about baseball? “The best advice I have received during baseball is to give everything 100% because you never know when it will be your last game. I have experienced this going through many injuries and two surgeries during my high school career,” says Patrick.

Peyton Hines is also a senior on the baseball team, and he answered the same questions for me. Peyton Hines response to how he feels about senior night was, “I feel pretty good going into senior night” says Peyton. Peyton has also been playing on Rocky’s baseball team since eighth grade and been on varsity since sophomore year. Of those years he said his favorite memory is, “My favorite memory was scoring 12 runs with two outs in the 5th inning against Timberline in the state semifinals last year,” says Peyton. Another question Peyton answered was what are you going to miss the most about playing on Rocky’s baseball team? He responded with, “I’m going to miss the team dinners after games and the car rides to away games.” Peyton says that his favorite game to play this season has been Mountain View. Peyton will be attending College of Southern Idaho and will be playing college baseball. The last question Peyton answered was what is the best advice you have received about baseball? He responded with, “The best advice I have heard is it’s a game of failure so failing is a part of it and to move onto the next pitch every time no matter what happened” responded Peyton.

In Conclusion, Rocky’s baseball team is having their senior night on April 27th at 6:30 against Borah. Go support the baseball team and the seniors!