Wanting To Join Student Council?


Charli Pierson

Banners hanging up around school made by Student Council.

Reagan Morin, Reporter

Student council as you know is an organization in Rocky that the students take charge in. They lead football games, dress days, making posters for the halls and decorating for every holiday, etc. In this article it will be giving some personal opinions from our own student council members here at Rocky.

Some of our fellow members of Student Council answered a few questions, that were asked to them.

  1. What is your favorite part of Student council? Emily Polson (Senior) said “my favorite part of StuCo is being able to plan activities with my friends and watch kids at our school enjoy the events.


  1. Most memorable moment? Aycee Russel (Junior) said “My most memorable moment is our retreat last year where we all went to McCall and stayed a summer camp, it was so fun we all stayed up late and had so much fun.”


  1. What is your least favorite part of StuCo? Kai Deguzman (Senior) said, “Not necessarily a bad thing, but being in student council takes dedication and you have to show up to lots of school events and help out with events as well, so it can be time consuming.”


  1. What is annoying about it? Aycee Russel (Junior) said, “A lot of events tend to not get approved by administration which makes planning them difficult.”


  1. Is it hard? Kai Deguzman (Senior) said, “I don’t think this is a hard class. It is fun to be involved in the school, getting to plan events, and buy decorations. I think this is a great experience.”


  1. If someone asked if they should join, what would you say? Emily Polson (Senior) said, “I would say that if they wanted to make a difference and wanted to make a lot of friends then it’s an amazing opportunity! it is super fun!!”


  1. What interactions with people do you make? Kai Deguzman (Senior) said, “You are always wanting to make students feel welcome. Interacting with as many students as possible is the goal. The student body comes before any planning needed. Things like fist-bump Friday and spirit days allow us to involve the whole school and interact with one another more!”


  1. How much do you like it? Aycee Russel (Junior) said, “I really love student council I think if I didn’t do it my high school experience would not be anywhere near the same and as good as it is.”


As you can see from the questions asked and answered, the members of the student council would definitely recommend it. It is a great thing to put on your collage resume as well. Student council is for people wanting to get out into the community and help, interact with people, and being outgoing. It is an amazing way to meet new friends and make many more connections throughout your high school years. If you’re thinking about joining StuCo go for it!