KC Hall; The Next Big Thing


Photo provided by KC Hall.

Cole Christensen, Reporter

There is a great amount of recognizable and diverse talent across Rocky Mountain High School. There is one very talented individual who has made quit the rise to fame recently. His name is KC Hall. You might know KC as an up-and-coming rapper, but there is much more to him than meets the eye. He is an artist, producer, visionary, and a pioneer to the next generation of aspiring rappers and musicians out of Rocky Mountain High School. 

KC recently performed at the school assembly and talent show, which sparked a lot of questions as to who he is and what he does. He was asked a series of questions to provide a deeper understanding of himself and his work.  

Hall said, “I’ve always had a history with music, not with vocals, but always with the piano. When I got into high school, I developed an interest of interpreting some of the lyrics of my favorite artists at the time. I would spend hours studying his flow, word choice, rhythm and sound.” This is evident while listening to his music. 

With the tremendous amount of success and fame Hall has received recently, also comes criticism and hate.  

How does Hall deal with the negativity he faces? “I do not let people bother me. I live by saying confidence is the key to your success because I know if I am confident in myself others will be confident in me.  

Hall is known for his high production and the quality of sound.  

“My producer is Nathan Ball; he is the I am where I am today. Working with him has been the experience of a lifetime. Most of my beats and music come from him, along with vocal mixing.”  

That pair makes a strong duo that will continue to only get better over time. Hall also said that he plans to “take [his] career further through college and hopefully professional” with Nate Ball. 

There are many artists that influence the rapper KC Hall. A few he credited were artists such as Jack Harlow, Juice Wrld, and Aries. They have inspired him in countless ways such as production, aesthetic, but also lyricism.  

Hall said, “When it comes to writing, it’s also as if I am living within the song. Whether it is reminiscing about the past or enveloping myself in the uncharted fog of the future. Every song is a story and every word within that story is placed as if it was written by destiny. I get inspiration from every area in my life, the good and the bad.” 

As you can see, music to KC Hall is no hobby. It is a passion and profession and countless hours and hard work go into the scene to bring you this art. Hall plans to still put out more and more music and he will only get better as time progresses.  

Lastly, he was questioned about new music which is highly anticipated. All that can be said is “get ready.” This month he shared that his new single “Daydream” will be released on Apple Music, Soundcloud and Spotify. Be ready to experience his best work yet.