What You Wish You Would Have Known: Advice from Rocky Seniors

Alyce Gonzales, Editor

Some people want to know what to expect when coming into high school. They want some advice, like how strict are the teachers? What are the sports like? Everyone has something they want to know. At Rocky Mountain High School, the senior class of 2022 is ready to answer these questions. Many can agree that Rocky sports are amazing; even when they lose some games, they never stop trying to get the win. The strictness depends on the teacher. They are all wonderful, but some of the teachers just like to have everything in order so the class runs smoothly.

Kadence Bateman, a senior at Rocky Mountain High School, shared her advice for underclassmen: “I think freshman should learn to stay on top of their homework and not miss any assignments.” Bateman also said, “Don’t mess anything up, because it will put you into a situation you don’t to be in. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are talking to Sweeney or Mr. Smith.”

Bateman also explained, “High school is a fun experience, especially when you have friends who have been with you from the start. You get to learn lots, the teachers are interactive, and they want you to thrive so they help you be the best you can.”

Allie Judd is a senior at Rocky Mountain High School. Judd shared, “My advice to freshman would be start to get an idea of what kind of future you would want to have. Work hard, don’t put things off, it will go to your record. Take all your required classes first.”

Judd further explained, “Depending on if you know what future job you want, you should go to college to be able to fulfill your goals. High school has an impact on your choices to go to college.”

Kelsey Burnett is another senior at Rocky with advice to share: “Don’t miss out on an opportunity to help your grades. If a teacher is willing to take their time to help you, do it, because it will help you in the long run.”

Burnett also said, “Take a chance [because] you will never have as much fun. Go to prom, hangout with your friends. High school may seem boring, but once you’re done, you will realize it was the best experience of your life.”