Bad Habits are Like a Good Bed: Easy to Get in, Difficult to Get Out Of

Ashlyn Wickam, Photographer

There are so many skills used in life that you learn in sports. Some of them are skills that high school students might not be able to learn outside of sports. A few examples would be mental toughness and leadership. 

Tiana, a student from Borah High School, said, “A few skills that I have learned from those sports are the importance of having a positive mindset, knowing where you are at in that moment, and the competition. All of these I have been starting to use in my life outside of sports. All these have become valuable factors in my life that has helped me make a better decision for myself and got me to realize how much is out there for me to go and get.” 

Jade, a student at Centennial High School, said, “Yes, volleyball helps me a lot with my communication and taught me how to work really well with a team and not just by myself. It really helps me at work and school!”  

 Sports are incredibly important especially for mental health. For some athletes, going to practice can be the highlight of their week because it’s a place to escape whatever is going on outside of sports. 

Tiana also said, “I am passionate about the sports that I play because they have helped me get a voice. Before I started playing the sports that I play I felt controlled and weak. Now I am confident, loud, strong, healthy and most importantly stand up for what I believe in. [Sports] have given me a chance to prove everyone and to myself that I am not someone you get to control.  Sports can be such a good stress reliever and can get your mind of what you are going through.”

Jade from Centennial High School said, “It’s a really good stress reliever for me and helps me a lot with my mental health! I also just love being able to stop thinking about school and other things and just play. It’s really fun to be around my team.”

Brynlee, also from Centennial High School said, “[Sports] separate me from the rest of the world, letting me release frustration and sadness.”