Fairwell Elders

Senior Graduating class of 2023


Reagan Morin

Graduation Cap

Reagan Morin, Reporter

On June third, all of Rocky Mountains seniors will be graduating. This is a big day for all of them, as it will be their new life chapter starting. Many seniors were asked the same two questions…. ” What was your favorite part of high school?” and “what’s going through your mind currently?”


Lucas Ranstrom: “School dances were a fun part of high school.”


Aiden Piet: “Favorite part was getting to know people. For me, going from middle school to high school was a big change, but meeting new people was really fun. It feels like a new chapter of my life is starting and I’ve already done a lot, so it feels nice to finish high school, but at the same time everything is moving very fast.”


Britton McClure: “My favorite part of high school each year was football season, and I am very excited to be done and graduate high school.”


Parker Weatherly: “My favorite part of the 4 years of high school would probably be making new friends and hanging out with people outside of school. I feel excited to finally be done with school and move on in the next chapter in life.”


Mikaela Thiede: “My favorite part of high school would probably be making friends in all my classes; they make going to class bearable.”


Emry Gibbs: “My favorite part of all 4 years of high school has definitely been the lessons that I have learned and being a part of the girls’ golf team! There have been several lessons that I have learned about life and also about school. I have gained great habits through high school including planning my days out. This has helped me extremely with getting my work done on time at the best it can be. Also being a part of the girls’ golf team allowed us to strengthen and create new friendships with other people at Rocky! I always looked forward to the season and playing with the people around me! So many good memories were made that I will always remember!

I am excited to be done with high school and move on with my life. I am sad to leave my family, but I won’t be too far away from home! I’m excited to play golf in college and study graphic design! I’m hoping that I will gain the same relationships and memories being a part of that team as I did in high school. I’m really looking forward to college and can’t wait to go!”


Kady Cluff: “My favorite part of all four years was probably the beginning of senior year when we painted parking spots before school started! Being done with high school is a big relief! It’s a bit crazy to finally be moving on but I am excited!”


Farewell Seniors, Rocky Mountain is immensely proud of how far you have come and grown into the person you all are today. Graduating will be the start of the next chapter of your life, use the things you learned in high school to carry you through the rest of your life, and hold onto these friendships as long as you can.