Plans For Spring Break


Sydney Mikkelson, reporter

Spring Break is the break that lets students know that summer is coming, and school is almost over. It’s the break that takes the longest to get here because Christmas break is the last break students have so we all are desperately wanting spring break to come faster.

Every student has their own plans for spring break and students around rocky want to share what they are doing. Kaylee Caldwell a Rocky student says, “over spring break I am going to California, its mostly a birthday gift because my birthday is over the break.” Kaylee said she is excited to be going to California because she has family there and it’s warmer there than it is here. Spring break is something that every student is excited about because we all need a break from school and to just get caught up on sleep and hang out with friends. Isabelle Scott says, “for spring break I am staying home but my childhood best friend is coming down from California to visit me and my family.”

A lot of students have different plans, and some are going out of town and others are staying home and enjoying their time by hanging out with friends, some are just going to be sleeping all break. Spring break is going to go by faster than what we all think so do everything you want to do while you can, the end of this year is going to be gone in a couple weeks after spring break, which is why students like spring break so much because we know what the next break is. Summer a three-month break, no school, homework, and beautiful weather. This break also means flowers will be blooming all of the trees will look beautiful, and all around will smell good.