Be Positive America!


Jennifer Anderson

Rocky BPA hard at work

Aeryn Windh, Copy Editor

BPA (Business Professionals of America) has practiced all year to get the opportunity of Nationals. First step? Be positive. The first real competition and qualifier was a regional event in Kuna. Then they had a state competition at the Idaho Central Credit Union Arena. Mrs. Lyman and Mrs. Anderson were some of the brains behind the event, shoutout to her and her assistants for putting together little gifts for BPA contestants.

At the state competition, people were then disqualified, and others were chosen to move onto state. One of those students was Carson O’Very, who won a certification in entrepreneurship and small business. He helped push his team to victory in the next event place, Anaheim California. It was there that four of our very own students became certified and blew the competition away. The real events were broken into six sections of understanding and skill: Finance, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Digital Communication and Design, Management, Marketing and Communication, and Health Administration. In these 6 events, students show their knowledge and abilities of what is put in front of them. Understandings of word and other applications fall into the digital category, purchasing businesses and running them, and many others may earn you a certificate in BPA.

Drifting away from the “work” part of BPA, another trip ensued. The Rocky BPA team took a trip to Disneyland and experienced the wonders of Mickey Mouse. As the team walked through a land of pure childhood bliss, a feeling of relief and completeness washed over our BPA crew.

They left California with about four winners including; Chaz Magruder – 5th Place in Advanced Word Processing & Microsoft Office Specialist Word 2019 Expert Certification Carson O’very – Certified in Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) Jonas Lockhart – Certified in Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) Sid Duggal – Certified in IT Specialist – HTML and CSS.  Congrats to these people for winning in their categories and showing that a casual interest can turn into something important. Go Rocky!

Overall, our BPA deserves a lot of recognition for its hard work and effort over in California and in past events. BPA helps get our students far into the business world and brings advantages for them in the future. Help promote BPA by bringing attention to the events and making a bigger deal about something that is seen as an advantage. Remember to be positive America!