What’s You Favorite Winter Holiday, Rocky?


Andrew Jensen

An ornament bejewels a Christmas tree

Andrew Jenson, Reporter

The Winter holiday season is a staple piece of the year for tons of people everywhere in the world. The winter holidays gather people and spreads joy and love around the world. Billions of people around the world love the winter holidays, but what are some Winter holiday traditions that the students of Rocky Mountain celebrate?  

Traditions are essential for the holiday season. Some are more fun than others, but it wouldn’t be the holiday season without some favored winter holiday traditions. Alyssa Garcia (Sophomore) says, “I love doing White Elephant because it’s fun and we do it every year.” Lily Moody (Sophomore) says, “My favorite holiday tradition is making gingerbread houses with my family and getting to decorate them all together.” Those sound-like amazing traditions, but what about traditions students would like to try? 

Trying new holiday traditions is good because you can expand your interests when it comes to the holidays. Lucas Aland (Sophomore) says, “I want to put up more Christmas lights.” Maya Beltran (Junior) says, “I would like to try Christmas Pajamas.” Those are both super good traditions to try out and it’s good to try new traditions. Now what about the traditions not a ton of people know about? 

There are so many underrated Winter holiday traditions, and it’s good to explore lesser-known ones to give them a try. Jocey Bjorkman (Sophomore) says, “Not enough people wear Christmas socks.” Sophie Perry (Sophomore) says, “Buying yummy smelling lotion.”  Isaac Madine (a sophomore at rocky) says, “Going somewhere warm like Cancun or Miami.”These are some good underrated winter holiday traditions, and it’s great that people are trying them out.  

Winter Holidays are super cool and fun to participate in. These are some great examples of some favorite traditions, new traditions to try, and some underrated holiday traditions more people should try out.