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Senior Rocky Students are Participating in a Multi-Round Game of Senior Assassin

Rockys class of 2024’s senior assassin has 187 participants competing for a cash prize.
Senior Rocky Students are Participating in a Multi-Round Game of Senior Assassin

On April. 7 the RMHS class of 2024 Instagram account welcomed all Rocky senior students to participate in senior assassin. In order to participate in the game, high school seniors must collaborate with each other to create groups of five and create their team’s name on the Splashin app. Seniors then must pay a fee of 10 dollars for their team to participate, then the accumulated money will be given to the winning team after the game is complete. As of April. 18 the game has entered round two, with 60 active players and 127 players eliminated.

Senior assassin is a live action game commonly played by high school or university seniors. The game spans over multiple weeks, usually occurring in the last months of the school year. Every player is assigned a target, and the objective is to catch that target by a method decided by the game organizers. Common catching methods include spraying with a water gun, throwing a paper plane and tapping on the shoulder, as stated by

Within the Rocky game, seniors must eliminate targets by using a water gun, recording the assassination, and posting it to the Splashin app. Although the game may sound simple, there are many rules preventing the game from becoming simple, and ensuring the respect of students, their families, and properties. Participants may wear goggles, or floating devices as a form of safety. In addition, participants may not bring water guns or eliminate targets in school, workplace, or religious environments. Participants must also obtain permission from parents, guardians, or other property owners prior to entering private property. Students also must leave property if asked by parents or property owners. These rules ensure respect is upheld throughout the game.

The final rule to the game is purges. During purges participants may share their locations with other participants, and floating devices or goggles are invalid for the duration of the purge. The purge happens at random times throughout the round and continue for a random period of time. During purges participants are still expected to respect school, church, and work environments.

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Many Rocky seniors are excited for the game and express their excitement for their participation.

Eliminated participant Paige Hughes states “I thought the game was fun because my dad let me borrow his car to go incognito, it kind of worked.”

Other participants found joy in the games “shields.”

Eliminated participant Jazmyn Barroso states “The game was fun because it was funny to see everyone from school walking around in floaties, goggles, and water guns.

Other participants express their hopes in winning and claiming the cash prize.

Currently participating participant Tori Rowe states “I hope I win, my senior assassin hasn’t tried to hunt me or find me yet, so I think I have a pretty good chance.”

People who are not participants may keep up with the game by checking the Instagram account rmhs_class_2024, a student-ran account that posts updates of the games, and any rule changes. For active participants it is asked that they follow the rules of the game, and respect the property of participants, and their families. It is also asked of participants to not disturb workplaces, or religious environments, including mission calls, as stated by the rmhs_class_2024 Instagram page

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  • J

    Joseph WilliamsMay 9, 2024 at 7:45 am

    This sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait until I am a senior and I can do this thing! I would love to sneak up on someone and squirt them with a water gun! So cool!

  • E

    EthanMay 9, 2024 at 7:44 am

    It’s awesome to see a ton of the seniors participating in this game and I’m really curious which senior is going to come out on top and win the big cash prize of over $1000.

  • P

    Parker MylerMay 8, 2024 at 9:34 am

    This sounds so fun, and I can’t wait to see who wins!