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Rocky Mountain Celebrates Ramadan

Students and staff at Rocky Mountain High School come together to honor the significance of Ramadan.
Muslims gathering around to celebrate Ramadan.

Some students at Rocky Mountain High School geared up for a month-long celebration of Ramadan, a significant religious holiday for Muslims worldwide. This year, students and staff alike are coming together to honor and learn about this important holiday.

As Ramadan approached, Students like Maria Sahara were eager to share their experiences and traditions with their peers. Maria, a Senior at Rocky Mountain, explains, “Ramadan is more than just fasting; it’s a time for reflection in my community, and spiritual growth.”

Fellow student, Amir Patel, also emphasized the importance of community during Ramadan. “Breaking fast with friends and family brings us closer together,” Amir says. “It’s a time to appreciate the blessings we have and to support one another.”

To dive deeper into the significance of Ramadan,  Mrs. Biehl a history teacher, talked about the value of recognizing and respecting diverse religious practices. “We need understanding of Ramadan traditions and inclusivity among our students,’’ she explains. ‘’ It’s essential because of all the different cultures and faiths in the world.’’

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Ramadan also provided an opportunity for students to explore their own faith and beliefs. Sara Thompson, a Junior at Rocky Mountain, reflected on her personal journey. “As a non-Muslim, participating in Ramadan has helped me understand and appreciate the dedication required for this,” Sara shares. “It’s been quite the experience and it really has deepened my respect for Muslims.’’

In addition to fasting from dawn to sunset, Ramadan is a time for prayer, reflection, and acts of charity. Rocky Mountain High School needs to show more representation throughout the month of March to celebrate Ramadan, including acts of community service, and culture showcases. Unfortunately, there was no representation around the school this year.

As Ramadan finished, Rocky Mountain High School looks forward to coming together in understanding and celebration in the upcoming year.  Through education and fellowship, students and staff will come together to honor religious diversity within the school community.

Rocky Mountain High School stands as a school of inclusivity, acceptance, and mutual respect with Ramadan.

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