Is the Wintertime Overrated?

Natalie Nichenko, Photographer

It is believed that most people enjoy the wintertime because of the holidays, snow, and break. However, is this really a valid reason for why the wintertime is the best? I asked students if they thought wintertime was overrated or not and why or why not.

When asked, Aeryn Windh responded, “I don’t think the wintertime is overrated; I truly don’t. I’m saying this mainly because I’m an avid believer, and Christmas is the best holiday. Also, everyone is happier around wintertime but that’s just me. Then again, there’s seasonal depression.”

Next, I asked Charli Pierson the same question, and she answered with, “I don’t think the wintertime is overrated because for me, winter has the best holidays and a lot more activities to do compared to other seasons. You can participate in winter sports like ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding or just play in the snow. Also, you can stay home and watch movies.”

Lastly, I asked Holly Atkinson and she explained, “No, winter isn’t overrated. Winter has so many seasonal activities as well as many holidays. This makes the winter season a great time where you can do a lot of fun things with friends and family.”


Winter encapsulates the town Meridian with a blanket of fresh snow, cold air, and a beautiful sunset. (Natalie Nichenko)

Listening to what they had to say, it seems like the consensus is unanimous in the argument that winter is not overrated.  However, some people do in fact believe that winter is overrated.

When Arya Vineyard was asked this question, she broke the chain by iterating, “Yes, I think it’s overrated since the weather is always cold and wet. Winter coats are too warm while normal jackets are too cold. All the peppermint flavored things are also overrated.”

Camila Garcia Martinez happened to agree with what Arya explained, saying, “I believe winter is overrated because you can’t go out and do many activities besides snow related activities. Snow activities are fun, but it gets too cold outside, which is why I stay inside all the time during winter. It’s fun to get presents on Christmas but I prefer my birthday because it is my day of the year.”

After all my research, I have come to realize that there are many reasons why winter is good and bad. It can be fun to play in the snow with friends and hang out with family over break. However, the cold weather can be annoying as well as how dark it gets so early for example. Overall, the most popular opinion was that winter is not overrated.