Wahoooooooooz Senior Night 2022 

Kaylynn Tavernier, Editor in Chief

For the end of the year 2022, seniors went to Wahooz.

Wahooz and Roaring Springs are SERIOUS ABOUT FUN!  We work hard to provide an outstanding experience to every guest.  From keeping the entertainment experience fresh by adding new attractions, to recognition programs that encourage our employees to go above & beyond, we demonstrate every day that we are serious about fun.  We believe that if we are committed to creating this atmosphere, for both our guests and our employees, that everyone at Wahooz and Roaring Springs will be happy!” – Wahooz. 

Rin Komma is a senior at Rocky Mountain High School.

Komma said, “I [went] going to grad night because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m only going to graduate once.”

Some seniors are looking forward to things other than just games and food. Komma planned to go with a group of friends to the event.

Komma said, “I’m most excited for hanging out with my senior friends I don’t get to see a lot because we don’t share classes.” 

The pricing of the Wahooz tickets was $70 or $80, depending on the date students bought tickets.

Komma said, “I think $70 is a great deal because a regular unlimited pass is around $45, and that doesn’t include food with it. So, I think it’s worth it.”

Not everyone has enough money to be able to pay for it. Should the school help? Komma said, “Even though it isn’t through Rocky, every senior should have an opportunity to go.”

Komma’s sister went to Rocky when the school first opened and said her sister “had a lot of fun.”

Komma said of the liability waiver: “I think the liability waiver is fine. We’re almost all 18 we should know how to behave ourselves by now.” 

Conner Allen is a senior at Rocky Mountain High School. Allen said, “I am not planning on going to grad night. Honestly, it’s not really my scene. I’d rather go to bed than stay up with a crowd until four in the morning.”

Allen does think the cost is a bit high for high schoolers. “Absolutely not. Maybe that’s just a person thing, but I don’t want to spend $70-$80 just be around the people I’m already around 5 days a week.”

So because of this high cost, should there be financial assistance for students who want to attend, but can’t swing the cost? Allen said, “Absolutely. If a student really wanted to go that badly, but couldn’t afford it, I’m sure there’s something the school could do to help out.”

Tucker Blair is another senior at Rocky who shared their thoughts on Grad Night.

Blair said, “I am planning on going to grad night, my friends convinced me. I’m excited to do laser tag and hang out with friends till early In the morning. I’m going with my friend group; we hang out all the time and it’s one of our last big things we’re doing before everyone splits up to go to college and stuff. I think the cost will be worth it, because it’s private, and all the people I would want to take with me anyways.

I think the school could help out with people who can’t afford it, since it’s one last Big Bang for all the kids who have been together for years through middle school and high school. I wasn’t involved in any planning, but I have a few friends who were and I’m thankful to them. I am the oldest kid so none of my siblings have done a grad night before, and since the last couple years were weird with COVID I didn’t know it was a thing till this year. I think since Wahooz is hosting, it’s fair to have a waiver and consent form.”