How media affects fashion

Rezon Gashi, Editor

The media has a very big influence on fashion.  The media can include things such as social media, websites, videos, books, music and many other things. These things influence how we view fashion and the way we dress every day. New trends come and go and these are made public through the media. Some of the top fashion designers and influencers use media such as the internet to push their ideas forward.  

Social media is the biggest form of media used today. Apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram have videos on them to show new releases on shoes and clothes. Many celebrities are also on these social media platforms and give new ideas to the public. This can be seen at Rocky Mountain High School in particular, as many students wear trends that celebrities wear. 

An example of this would be Kaleb Rich, a senior at Rocky Mountain High School. Rich said, “I love the UNC Dunks because of their shape and color.” Many celebrities such as Russel Westbrook have been seen rocking this color of the Dunks, and it has influenced students here at Rocky Mountain High School. 

Another major media is music. Music can be seen (and heard) all around Rocky and it is a major part of many students’ lives.

Nathan Pchelke, a sophomore at Rocky Mountain High School stated, “It fills the boredom a lot.”  

Given that this music is listened to all around Rocky it is also true that these students idolize the artists. This can be as many students will wear clothes as the celebrities do. An example of this is that Kanye West wears many baggy clothes and Travis Scott introduced the trend of cargo pants as every day wear, which can be seen worn by students all over Rocky. There are also many music videos where people pay attention to the fashion in it and copy it.  

The last media source is videos and movies. Movies play an extremely big role in the fashion industry. Many pieces become staples in time because they were worn in certain movies. At Rocky you can see certain students wearing shoes like Jordan’s and others because they were worn in movies.  

In conclusion, the media influences a major part of our lives. Social media can be seen all around us and you can truly see this at Rocky Mountain High School. Many people get their main fashion influence from media and it is truly great!