Grizzlies Under the Mistletoe

Your guide for the perfect date!

Ella Ogletree, Photographer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year as the snow falls, and school shuts down for two weeks over winter break. Many couples at Rocky Mountain High School have already planned their next dates and can give other students attending Rocky cheap, fun ideas to do for a date.  

Mia Furman and Tyler Jones are a couple here at Rocky and they have been dating for over two years. Over their time together, they have come up with several things to do when the wallet is running thin.  Hiking is something that’s super fun and cheap, and Idaho is filled with trails.  It’s also something that can be accompanied by a great picnic at the top. Great views, great company (maybe), and good food. Getting exercise together is also a plus. 

Another student, Rafe Richardson suggests, “Going on a group date with friends to play games, which can be a bonding experience for the date and friends.” 

During the holiday season there are many things to do around Treasure Valley. Scentsy Lights are open through the season which offers a fun, free, walk under a tunnel of lights. There are even weekends where there is a nativity set after the tunnel of lights.  

Another fun, pretty set of lights that is a must-go-to date event is the Caldwell lights, accompanied by ice skating. Event-goers can also end the night with a perfect cup of hot chocolate.  

Many students here also suggested just watching a Holiday movie with Christmas treats and a warm fire. Other Christmas date activities include making gingerbread houses, hot cocoa contests, and even a Hallmark guessing game, in which the pair watches the trailer of a Hallmark movie and guesses what happens before watching the actual movie. 

There are many creative and cheap dates to go on during the holiday season. Finding the right date can be so fun, even if no money is spent. Saving money on the date can even make mistletoe affordable. Stay sweet Rocky, GOOD LUCK!