Hoppy Easter Rocky!

Easter Candies

Marshmallow sugared candy bunny

Makenna Zimmer

Marshmallow sugared candy bunny

Easter is a holiday celebrated by many. The original origins of Easter coming about is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion. However not only Christians celebrate Easter, and it has become a holiday open to anyone in which the “easter bunny” brings kids a basket full of candies and presents for them to wake up to in the morning. It is a fact that Americans spend 1.9 billion dollars on easter candy and 70% of that candy purchased is chocolate, that being said what’s Rocky’s opinions on easter candies?

A few students of Rocky’s favorite easter candies to receive are, Hailey Mejia, grade 9 “Reese’s eggs.” Evie Rede grade 9, “Cadbury chocolate mini eggs.” Aeryn Windh, grade 9, “I always liked the Russell stevens chocolate bunnies, not the hollow ones because grandma was very nit-picky with what she bought us, and never bought the hollow ones.” Mya Daniel grade 9, “Ferrero’s or the Reese’s chocolate bunny.” Cameron Bush grade 11 “Cadbury mini eggs.”

An extremely controversial topic surrounding easter candy is the question of: Hollow chocolate bunnies or filled chocolate bunnies?

Andrew Jenson: “Hollow”

Aeryn Windh: “filled.”

Hailey Mejia: “Hollow”

Cameron Bush: “Hollow”

Mya Daniel: “Hollow”


Candy is a huge part of Easter but is it the best part of Easter? Hailey: “Yes, because my mom gives me the candy and I like my mom she’s very sweet and I don’t go to church.” Aeryn: “Yes and no because the egg hunt is the best part, but the eggs contain candy.” Cameron: “no, getting a relax day and the chance to rewind.” Mya: “yes because it lasts days after easter.”

Easter is celebrated by many at Rocky and is a fun holiday to many! Rocky’s students love to receive candy on Easter and is the main part that many look forward to. The favorite types of easter candies mainly revolve around chocolate candy and chocolate bunnies are one of the most common types of candy to get on Easter!