Cheer Nationals Results!


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Rockys Cheerleaders screaming with joy looking at their new trophy.

Addison Burney, Reporter

Cheer Nationals 2023,

The Rocky Mountain Cheerleaders went to Nationals in Anaheim, California. They competed at nationals on the 24 and 25 of February.

Hailey Mejia a freshman on the Rocky Cheer team answered some questions about nationals. The first question she answered was how was your nationals experience? She responded with

“It was really fun. As a freshman it was a new experience. I loved sharing the hotel rooms with my teammates and it really just brought us together one last time” Hailey said.

Hailey said her favorite memory of the season was “My favorite memory was when we were in Pocatello. We had driven to a Chick-fil-a and I loved sitting and laughing with my teammates.”

The next question Hailey answered was are you looking forward to next season, if so, why? She responded with,

“I definitely am. I’m so excited to try out again and become more experienced.” says Hailey.

I asked Hailey what is a moment that you are the proudest of this season?

Hailey said, “The proudest I’ve been was when we got 4th place at nationals, honestly, I was so shocked. I had my dad crying”.

How did you feel waiting for the results at nationals?

After performing and waiting for their results Hailey said “I’m going to be honest; we didn’t think we were going to win anything. So, while waiting we were just having fun and laughing with each other.” Hailey said.

The final question that Hailey answered for me was how did it feel performing at nationals? She answered with.

“It felt really amazing finishing a routine and knowing I tried my best. the stage is so bright to, after a routine I could barely see.” said Hailey.

After talking to some cheerleaders, Ali Marsden the head cheerleading coach answered some questions. The first question she answered was how did you prepare the team for Nationals?

“We practiced a lot! On top of regular practice and cheering at basketball games, we practiced an additional 4 hours a week to make sure we were at our very best before we took the Nationals stage!” Cheer coach Ali Marsden said. The next question that she answered for me was what was your favorite moment from this season? She responded with,

“My favorite moment of the season was when we qualified all of our routines for State at Districts. We had never competed in the Co-ed category before and we were up against some very tough competition. The moment they called our name that we had qualified all three routines was a moment I will never forget,” Ali Marsden said. Another question she answered was how did you feel while watching the cheerleaders perform at Nationals?

“To say I was proud would be an understatement. Over the season these kids become like my very own. Watching them take on one of the biggest stages in the Nation was incredible. These are the hardest working, most resilient athletes I have ever coached!” Ali Marsden said.

I asked Ali what moment she was the proudest this season and she said, “Competing at Nationals and taking 4th place was pretty amazing, but I would have to say Districts was my proudest moment of the season. We were dealing with team injuries and had to make a lot of changes to the routines. It was a stressful time for them, but they went out there and left it all on the mat. They worked so hard to qualify for State and it paid off, it was a perfect moment for this year! Ali Marsden said.


In conclusion, the cheerleaders have worked very hard this season and did amazing at nationals. Good job cheerleaders!