Owyhee: The New Rocky?

Abigail Wilson, Editor in Chief

Owyhee High School is the newest high school being built in Meridian, Idaho. The new school will create new boundaries for the West Ada District. Meaning it will shift kids around and have them transferred or staying at the schools. The schools in this district include Rocky, Eagle, Meridian, Centennial, Mountain View, plus more. And now also Owyhee. But many are asking though, will Owyhee be the new Rocky? RMHS has always been the biggest high school in Idaho for a while now, meaning the school has the most kids in it. But with boundaries changing and kids being moved to different schools, the question is asked if Owyhee will be the new biggest high school in Idaho.  

A junior at Rocky, Mckenna Jones, gave her insight into the new high school and what she thinks about it. 

When asked about Owyhee become the next biggest school in Idaho, Jones replied with, “I don’t think so because the whole point of the new school was to take kids away from Rocky so it wasn’t so crowded and if it does get big then they will change the boundaries again.” 

Jones thinks that Owyhee “will stay to a pretty moderate size and won’t grow to be a huge high school.”

Jones also thought that Owyhee would be pretty successful with sports. “They probably will be good at sports because they are getting a lot of Rocky’s students, and we are known for sports.”

She said that she thinks Owyhee will soon “be a very competitive with their newfound sports and become a rival to Rocky.” 

Mikaili Wright, another junior here at RMHS agreethat she would not want to be transferred to Owyhee and that the size of the new future school will not change. “

No, I wouldn’t want to transfer to Owyhee because everyone I know goes to Rocky and I have made so many new friends here it would be so hard to leave. I also like all the teachers and students here at Rocky.” 

Wright said that she believes it would be interesting to be the first groups of students and people going to the brand-new school. “I mean Owyhee would be kind of cool because you’d be the first people to go to school there.” 

She explained how Owyhee’s sports might not be as successful as other people might think they will be. “Their sports most likely won’t be successful the first year depending on who goes there they could be. But it will take them a few years to grow and become recognized for their sports.” 

Wright also said she is “happy to stay at RMHS and finish out [her] senior year here at [her] home school.” 

Lastly, Teagan Rideout, another junior who goes to Rocky gave her opinion on Owyhee. 

When asked about other seniors leaving and wanting to go to Owyhee, Rideout replied with, “Nope, I doubt a lot of kid, “seniors,” want to leave because they’ll be leaving their home school which they’ve been at for a long time. Who would want to leave?”

She always believes that Rocky will forever always stay the dominant school with sports and athletics. They’ll have all new players and people, and they might not work as well together.” Rideout also added that, “I would rather be a Grizzly rather than a Storm!” 

Owyhee is going to be a new opportunity for lots of kids in the West Ada District. This school will be a brand-new place and have lots of new sports teams, and clubs to establish. Owyhee will be an awesome school with a new, fresh, clean start!