Trick or Treat…or not?


Rian Roach, Photographer

Halloween is upon us, but Corona is already here. How is trick or treating going down this year? Some people are not comfortable with going, or having their kids go out. They are concerned about the whole concept of going to another’s house and bringing germs home with them. I interviewed Britney Watson, who has five children. Watson’s children will be allowed to go out on Halloween. Watson said, “I guess I don’t feel the risk of exposure is high enough to cancel a holiday for my family.” I continued to ask her if she felt there was a way to make trick or treating safer“There are too many factors to say this is the right way to trick or treat safely. You just have to do your best and know your taking that risk.” (Watson) She thinks it is a decision that should be made by individual households whether they go out or not, because it is a risk that everyone will feel. Watson, being considerate of others, made a plan of how she will hand out candy to the other neighborhood children. “I personally will wear a glove and put the candy in the bag myself. I’ll wear a mask.” (Watson) She wants to make the others in her community feel safe.

I also interviewed Glady Ntakarutimana. He is a sophomore at Rocky this year. I asked him if he is comfortable going out this year. He answered, “I usually don’t do trick or treating but if I were then yeah, I would be comfortable.” He talked about how it is up to each of us whether we go out or not. “The stuff going on this year is kind of, you know, a downfall. And this could be one thing that could makes this year worth it.” (Ntakarutimana) He is hoping to see this year improve after all the event that have occurred. After talking to Ntakarutimana, I decided to send out a poll to students asking if they were comfortable trick or treating this year due to COVID  

Out of 18 kids, 14 of them answered saying they were comfortable and 4 said they were not. The kids and parents both poll on the side of having Halloween this year. To protect yourself and others, follow what Britney Watson is doing. Looks like Halloween is still on. Hopefully it will bring a little light on this dismal year we’ve had. Have a happy and safe Halloween!