Register to Vote Online


Beau Caporale, Reporter


This election is polarizing and truly unique. Everyone seems to have strong opinions are who they see fit as president. Regardless of who you are voting for, you need to be registered to vote. With election day coming soon on the third of November, you need to register soon. Registering to vote is quick and simple, however, there are a number of those who do not know how. 

Registering to vote takes only a few minutes. To start, you want to go to and select the state you will be voting in. You will then be directed to your local online voter registration page. On this page, you will need to fill in some identifying information about yourself. When you get to the end of the registration, you will be all done and ready to vote. When I first started to vote there was no online registration, but now the online registration is simple and I can do it in like five minutes” – Tory Hinson. 

I interviewed Dallin Moody, a senior at Rocky Mountain, about his experience with online voter registration. “Because I just turned 18, I was not sure how to get registered to vote, I just thought I had vote on election day. My parents showed me how to register online and it only took like 10 minutes 

After turning 18, it is important to use your right to vote. You can change the course of the future for the country and your own life. Whole elections can change just if everyone who could vote would cast their vote on election day. Many seniors at Rocky Mountain who have turned 18 are just choosing not to vote. I decided not to vote because honestly I don’t like either of the candidates and my vote wouldn’t make that much of a difference anyway” – Karri Johnson, AHS. 

With how easy it is for everyone to register, there is no excuse for one to not do so and vote on election day. “Everyone should vote because your vote really does matter, especially if lots of people decide to vote that normally wouldn’t” Diesel said in his interview. Go to and get yourself ready to vote on November 3.