How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday?


Andrew Jenson

Homemade Birthday Cake.

Makenna Zimmer, Copy Editor

Celebrating birthdays is a tradition that started many, many years ago. Egyptians first came up with the idea of “birthdays”. Their ideas were that when the Egyptian pharaohs were crowned in Egypt it was important for them to get a day just dedicated to them. On that day their followers would gift them stuff and celebrate their “birth”. Since then, birthdays have transformed into the day that someone was born, and the traditions have grown into what we know now. Typically, when someone thinks about a birthday, the idea of cake, balloons, and presents pop into their heads, but is there a special way they celebrate them?

A tradition that Mya Daniel grade 9 has is: “Every morning my dad takes me to a breakfast diner before school.” This is special towards Mya’s birthday because they only do this on her birthday and its one of her favorite parts of her whole day. Some people celebrate their birthdays in more simple ways though, for example, Evie Rede grade 9: “I have cake and hangout with my family, but I don’t really have a set tradition every year.” Even though she doesn’t have a certain tradition, she does every year it sort of is a tradition because she still does celebrate it with those close to her.

Some people even celebrate their birthdays twice, Ava O’Hara grade 9: “I normally have a birthday party with my friends then have a separate party with my family.” Ava does this so she can have a chill party with her family, usually just at a house and then the party with her friends she will go out and do something. Traditions are not just always specific to one person’s birthday though, Diana Zarate grade 9 “A tradition my family has is pushing people’s faces into the cake.” So, this tradition isn’t just specific to Diana’s birthday but if she’s at someone else birthday in her family it will also happen to them so it’s more a family tradition.

Birthdays are celebrated in many ways it all just depends on the person. Some people decide to just not celebrate their birthday at all, and some keep it simple with just the basic presents and cake. Most people just surround themselves with the people they are close with and celebrate “their day” with them. How birthdays are celebrated can also depend on the persons family and if there are any traditions passed down. Birthdays started as just a day to recognize the birth of something and soon turned into a day that many are excited for because it’s a chance to be celebrated by other people.