Results of Snow Day Survey


Cameron Bush, Editor and chief

With the last time the West Ada school district having a snow day being back in 2015 many wondered what students and staff at Rocky did on our recent snow day. From a poll over 33% of participants slept in and worked on homework.  When asking students, and staff if we should have had a snow day many responded with yes saying the roads were very slick, however some did feel that it was an unneeded day off with anonymous comments like “It was great, but I didn’t think we had enough snow to require a snow day.”, as well as “I feel like the weather wasn’t as bad as they thought, but I’m all for snow days.” However, a student said it was very needed “ABSOLUTELY. I think we all needed a day just to rest our brains and catch up on work, especially during one of the most stressful/busy times of the year. ”