Snowboarding vs. Skiing


Andrew Jenson

This is Bogus Basin

Andrew Jenson, Reporter

Snowboarding Vs. Skiing has been a heated debate for decades. Snowboarding is sliding down a mountain while riding a snowboard. Skiing is sliding down a mountain on skis. But which is better? Snowboarding is one board while skis are two narrow pieces of wood or metal. They are so similar but vastly different and deciding which is better has been a huge argument. According to “” skiing is easier to learn; snowboarding is easier to master; skiing requires less fitness; and injury risk is the same for skiing and snowboarding. But what do the students of Rock Mountain High School think?

Hudson Godfrey (a sophomore at rocky) says, “Skiing is incredible and beautiful because you can go really fast and it’s freaking fun. A good thing about snowboarding is that I don’t have to do it.” Some skiers just really don’t like snowboarding. When asked which is cooler, Sophie Perry (a sophomore at rocky) said, “Snowboarding all the way.” When asked why Maya Beltran preferred snowboarding over skiing she stated, “Snowboarding is easier to control, skiing is fun if you know how to do it. I just like the one board instead of the skis.” One board does seem a lot easier to control instead of two pieces, which could be why people love snowboarding. An anonymous source said “I’ve skied for a couple years and eventually grew out of my skis. I tried snowboarding instead of skiing and loved it way more.” Some people may just like to try new things and explore the two to find which one they like more. Lily Moody (a sophomore) says, “I don’t do either but I think that skiing would be more fun and easier to learn.” Skiing could appeal to beginners more. When asked if he preferred skiing or snowboarding, Isaac Madine (a sophomore at rocky) said, “Skiing because that’s what I grew up doing in Utah.” Growing up doing one of the two could definitely affect which one someone prefers.

Whatever your opinion is on if snowboarding or skiing is better, they seem to have a good even split on who likes each. If you’re a skier or a snowboarder I’m sure we can all agree there enough room on the mountain.