Opinion: Make Rocky Lacrosse More Prominent

Lexi Underhill, Photographer

Rocky Mountain High School has an immense selection of clubs and sports that you can try out for or simply sign up to do. The most popular and school sanctioned sports at Rocky are football and basketball. Though I feel as if lacrosse should be just as prominent, rather than blending in with the other clubs that people forget existed. It’s a strenuous sport that takes high talented athletes and is overlooked, when we should give these players more credit. Also, it’s a very entertaining sport that will have you on the edge of your seat; people just need to be educated about the game. 

Former lacrosse player Tanner Underhill said, “Lacrosse should be a sanctioned sport due to how popular it is getting. Also, I think if it was explained more, it would be more enjoyable to go to the games. The best way to expand your knowledge of lacrosse is to teach the sport in physical education. I played lacrosse since the 3rd grade and my friends are the ones who got my attention to the sport. In addition to that, I think lacrosse is underrated, it has been played since the Indians roamed the land. So due to the historical value of the sport I believe people should be more exposed to it.”

Underhill continued, “Just like any sport, lacrosse does involve a high amount of cardio exercise, but if people starting at the age of 4 can do it, so can anyone it’s just the matter of practice. A good athlete isn’t just someone who is good at the game, it’s someone to respects all aspects of the game and the players to play it.”

Third, the fastest way to make lacrosse a sanctioned sport is to advertise it more through school announcements and communications. Many people don’t know about lacrosse because only the players talk about it; for it to expand into a larger group of people, the word needs to be spread not just through word of mouth. Though if the sport was taught to a wider variety of people, it would be more common due to it being a safer sport than most contact sports. 

Without the sport, Underhill wouldn’t have had the passion of what he does today. Meaning, anyone can find a spark of interest if we show more awareness to the sport.