Advice for Incoming College Freshmen

Sierra Violette, Reporter

As graduation rolls around, college becomes even more real than seniors ever imagined. With that in mind, their anxiety skyrockets as they face the reality of leaving home, leaving their friends, and going to four more years of school. Here are three pieces of advice that college graduates or current college students have to offer to incoming college freshmen. 

The first piece of advice comes from Macy Whitaker, a Brigham Young University graduate.

Whitaker said, “Don’t sign up for a full load of tough classes for your first semester of college.”

Whitaker managed to graduate college in three years with a major in Italian and a minor in math. She says to “take time to adjust, and have fun.”  

Michelle Wilson, a Utah Valley University graduate, supplied more advice when she said, “No one’s opinion of you matters in high school… you are going to forget they exist anyways.”

Enjoying the last of your high school experience is important, so do not let the people who won’t matter in a couple months hold you back.  

The final piece of advice comes from Brigham Young University-Idaho current student, Ben Hilton.

Hilton will graduate this spring and his advice is to “Be spontaneous. Have fun. Make memories.”

Everyone looks back on their college days fondly, so make the most of it when you can. There’s so much to do in college that you shouldn’t be bored, just go find it.  

Seniors are about to experience a whole new world, but they do not have to do it alone. There are current college students and college graduates with much more wisdom to offer than just these three pieces of advice. Good luck, seniors!