The Work That Seems Pointless

Ryan McDaniel, Editor

High school students know what busy work is. Busy work can feel more stress on students and does not help students academically. On the other hand, some students think it can be good and does help them with school. Busy work can have some difficulties 

In some classes, busy work can feel like it is pointless and feels like it is just used to fill time in class.

As Avry Marlatt, a junior at Rocky, said, “I’m not a huge fan of it to be honestfor me personally busy work is just added stress on top of everything else.” 

In some cases, busy work does not seem to be as helpful as it is supposed to be. 

Marlatt also said, I think that teachers assign busy work, so you have something to do when you are done with everything.” 

Some teachers use it to keep students busy when they finish whatever they are doing. Busy work can sometimes have a damaging effect on students.  

Extra work can also be good for students in some cases as well. 

Tayson Hansen, a sophomore at Rocky, said, “I think teachers use busy work as a way to get our heads moving and a way for us to not sit around and do-nothing during class.

“Busy work helps me with tests because I can go back to the work I did and use it as a reference.” 

It can help students get extra practice and help students warm up to what they will be doing in class too”.  

Grant Hedgpeth, a sophomore at Rocky, said,“It’s frustrating at times but I know it will help me grow.” 

Overall, busy work can be difficult but can also have a positive effect. 

Busy work in the past has felt pointless and meaningless. It can cause students to feel stressed out and sometimes feel like it has no purpose. On the other hand, sometimes it can be used for extra work to help students on the upcoming test. Busy work has its pros and cons, but busy work is something everyone is going to have an opinion on.