Elective Classes at Rocky

Rian Roach, Photographer

1. History of Rock and Roll  

This new class was created by  Josette Bell, a history teacher at Rocky.  Next year will the first time this class is going to be taught at Rocky Mountain High School. The Rocky Roar interviewed Bell to see what this class will be all about. 

Bell said that, “The History of Rock and Roll is literally that—the history of rock and roll music.  Rock and roll or just rock transformed music not only in America but also on a global scale.  The class will look at the different decades and forms of rock music from the earliest days of Elvis scandalously playing on the Ed Sullivan show in the 1950s to the Grunge movement of the 1990s.  We will also look at the role that music played in reflecting historical events and impacting them as well.” 

She is so excited to teach this fun side of history that “lets [her] be creative in [her] own way while keeping the students captivated.”

Bell said that in her class, “You learn how to analyze historical artifacts that often get overlooked in a history classroom.  From clips of videos to pictures to analyzing the lyrics of songs to look for historical allusions, there are a lot of skills that can be learned by looking outside of a book and examining our culture.” 

Bell also thinks, “with rock music it is hard to NOT have fun! But with the projects and the content we will be studying, it should be a really fun class to take.  Teaching history can sometimes be a little challenging because so much of it is serious, but this class will look closer at the fun side of history—the cultural side that often we can’t spend as much time on as we would like in our other history classes.

She recommends this class if you are into music, like being creative, and if you like history. Check out this class! 

2. Intro to Guitar

This class has been taught by  Quetin Dewitt, Rocky’s orchestra teacher.

Dewitt said, “The class takes a student from not knowing anything about the instrument or music to being able to play melodies, chords, and songs. The class is somewhat flexible so that students can learn skills and apply them to songs that they want to learn. It is largely dependent on how much motivation a student has so if they work hard, it is a very fun class.” 

Music connects us and helps us express ourselves in all different ways. Dewitt said, “Guitar gives me an opportunity to connect with students that I may not get to work with as part of my band and orchestra classes.  Students learn how to read music, tablature, chords, and how those fit together to play pieces and songs.” 

Lastly, he said that “The class is largely self-paced. Some students work really diligently because they have something specific that they’d like to learn. Others a little less so. In general, it isn’t too stressful.” 

So, if you are self-disciplined and want to become ore musically inclined then you should take intro to guitar.

3. Practical Entomology  

Brad Abbott, a Freshman earth science teacher at Rocky, teaches this very interesting topic of practical entomology to juniors. 

Abbott said the class includes, “The art and science of fly fishing… Knot tying, Fish, and Insect identification, fly tying, fly casting, rod building.”

This class has  everything a fly fisherman would want to know and become good at. It is a hands-on experience with creating and learning. 

When asked what he thinks students think of the course, Abott said, “Students want to be here.  They look forward to it.  The class content is fun for those interested in the course… Only for the series outdoor enthusiast who wants to learn new skills.”

If you love to be outside, fishing, and hands on projects this is the class for you!