The Ice Cream Machine is Working Again? 

Alyce Gonzales, Reporter

 The students at Rocky Mountain decided to share their opinions of McDonald’s shamrock shake coming back. Some enjoy it and some do not. You may be asking yourself, “What is a shamrock shake?” A shamrock shake is vanilla reduced fat ice cream, shamrock shake syrup and light whipped cream blended into a tasty frozen treat. 

Ethan Bilyeu is a junior at Rocky mountain high school, and he worked at McDonald’s for roughly a year and a half. He did in fact make shamrock shakes! Bilyeu said, “It’s alright, definitely not my first choice but that’s just my personal opinion.” Bilyeu also stated that is favorite part about working there was being able to get an employee discount.  

Jake White is also a junior at Rocky Mountain and he worked at McDonald’s for about 3 to 4 monthsWhite does not like the shamrock shake because he thinks that it is “too sweet.” 

“It was not good and would not be my first choice for a minty shake.” However, there were perks; White’s favorite part about working at McDonald’s was being able to earn money to put towards his Jeep.  

Addee Wheatley is in 11th grade at Rocky. She worked at McDonald’s for a year. She never ate at McDonald’s. Wheatley stated, “After working there for so long, I refuse to eat there.” Wheatley also shared she “never liked eating there” even before she worked there.  

The shamrock shake is liked by many, but is also disliked by many. Some people think it is too sweet or too minty. Others think it is a perfect mix. 

Personally, it was not my favorite thing ever; it was not bad, but it was also not good. The color of the shake was also very cool. I hope you can try it for yourself.