How is the Yearbook Staff Holding Up this School Year?

Ryan McDaniel, Editor

With the the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic this year, it is surprising and admirable that our school is able to get a yearbook. Many may think that because most of the events that have happened this year have been canceled, or students were not able to attend, that a yearbook may not be possible.

The Yearbook staff as hit many obstacles in making a book during the 2020-2021 school year. 

As Lee, a Rocky student and Yearbook staff member said, “Yes, of course it has been difficult when things got cancelled because we have to meet our deadlines and when something gets cancelled that can mess up a whole page.  

When events this year get cancelled, it has and will cause setbacks in the yearbook process.

Miller, another Rocky student and Yearbook staffer, adds: “Pictures this year have been pretty difficult to be honest, lots of our pictures were sent in or for sports, sent in by the professional photographers from the games. We used to not really use Iphone pictures, but this year it has come down to using much more of those. 

Getting the pictures for this year has been difficult for the yearbook staff because they are not allowed to attend most after school activities due to Covid-19.

Lee also adds, “The interviews are sometimes a struggle because of the whole team one and two situation.” 

With the social distancing teams, it has been difficult for the yearbook to get interviews. This year has came with a lot of challenges when making the yearbook.  

Besides the obstacles that the yearbook as had to face, they have came up with solutions to their problems and have also had so good things happen this year as well. 

Miller said, “Our social media makes it much easier to reach a greater amount of people and get effective interviews, whether it’s through a post, a story, or just texting someone you know! Ultimately, we always reach everyone we need one way or another.” 

With their social media, they have found it to be a good way to get interviews for the yearbook and have not had much struggle with this. 

Lee said, “The social distancing hasn’t been a struggle to interview people because they are still comfortable being recorded so that we can listen to it better later. The social distancing requirement has not been that difficult to work around when it comes to interviewing peopleThere have been some pros for the yearbook this year.  

Overall, it has been a struggle for some things for the yearbook staff this year, but they still manage to get around it. Thanks to the hard work of the yearbook staff, the students of Rocky Mountain High School will have a yearbook to remember this unique this school year.