Do Students Value Their Education or Grades More? 

Cole Christensen, Reporter

What matters to you more, your education in the class or the grade you getMany students say that they only care about the grade. Others argue that they value the education because the point of school is to be educated. 

Kade Thompson, a student at Rocky Mountain said, “I value the grade and the grade only, you don’t get rewarded at school for the education only the grade,” when asked which students value more.

This is a problem. Many feel that students be much more interested in the education they are getting compared to just the grade they receive. This is because the objective of school is to be educated and be tested on what you have learned. Students forget about the education and only focus on the grade they will receive. 

 This could mean they cheat or give minimal attention in class. When asked if the school system has made students thinks this way, Liam Allen, a student at Rocky Mountain said, “Definitely, they make it feel like there is no point in putting in any extra effort and actually caring about what you are learning. They need to change it by not putting such a strong emphasis on the results. I know students that cheat and have a better grade than me even though I am studying hard.” 

This brings up some major flaws that many students recognize. 

 The pandemic this year has brought up some major changes to our education process. Many tests, quizzes, and projects are done remotely online. 

Kyle Martin, a West Ada school student stated, “Why would I study or pay attention when I can just look up the answers online?”

Although this may not be a good approach to remote learning, it is a very valid point. Why would students pay attention in classes where they can sit behind a computer at home and look up every answer on a test or quiz? 

Jason Wright, a student in West Ada, stated, If school was full-time is would improve my motivation for sure.” 

Students like Wright feel that going back full time would put an emphasis on education again knowing that you can not get away with slacking and not being attentive in class. 

Only time will tell if trends in education vs. grades will change or remain the same.