Column: Random Acts of Kindness

Alexis Underhill, Photographer

Random act kindness changes someone’s day for the better. Not only does it feel good about oneself to help someone else out, but it also benefits the person you are helping. It can be something simple or something like a big favor, it’s all about the thought that counts. Showing appreciation and thinking about others unites us all and grows friendships. With me being a people pleaser, this comes easy to me but for those who aren’t, my advice is to use the golden rule of “treating others like you want to be treated.” Teachers have drilled that into our brains growing up in school, though now that life is harder, this is when we truly need to take it into consideration and apply it. The effect of this on me is so strong and I’m very passionate about sharing my views of why in my eyes it’s so important to be selfless and make a gesture for someone. 

First, my experience with random acts of kindness has only been positive and made me even closer to the people I love. When someone has done something for me that I hadn’t asked for I feel so appreciated that I have someone thinking about me and standing by my side. That feeling it gives you is almost unreachable and is a good signal in friendships that you are there for each othereven when you’re apart. Thinking about others rather than just yourself builds such a great character and is very recognizable in a person. When doing nice things for others, often you will get the same in return, its all-good karma. The more you do for the people, the more you will feel people being on your side and will be wanting to experience life together with you. 

Second, when I have engaged in gesturing and making others feel good about themselves, I noticed it has not only made others around me feel good but also myself. Knowing that I’m making someone’s day better makes me feel like I’m using my time well and helps me feel more fulfilledThis has affected me so much, growing up and has helped me build my confidence and build friendships. I am now applying this to my daily routine of my work. I made my own business last year, starting to do eyelash extensions. I wanted to do this for myself because I love making others feel good about themselves, which is now what I get to do all day long! Seeing their faces in response to seeing the final work is worth every minute of my hard work and dedication. I love the way my job makes me feel and knowing that I’m making changes for people has improved my overall happiness as a person. 

Peyton Howard, a former Rocky Mountain student says, “I cleaned my grandma’s house when she was out of town and it made her feel so appreciated and it was worth all of my time.” 

Another view about this topic from Sydney Brown, a junior here at Rocky, said, “Someone paid for me in line at Black Rock when I was having a really bad day and it brightened my day so much.”

 Then Mia Hampton, a freshman here at Rocky said, “One of my friends has done someone nice for me by buying me Dutch Bros.”

Though it costs nothing to do something nice for someone and it will most definitely bring a smile to someone’s face. 

In conclusion, there is no negative affect of doing something nice for someone. Everyone should strive to help others and show appreciation to those who do the most for you as well as those who have just shown that they are there for you. One sided relationships, where one person is putting more effort than the other can start toxicity. Therefore, we should all play a part in putting in noticeable effort into treating others with respect and uplifting each other for the benefit of us all.