New Leader, New Vision, New Direction  

Rocky’s current seniors share their college choices.

Ashlyn Wickam, Photographer

As spring is approaching, seniors are starting to get accepted into their schools of choice and move on to college. College can make some people scared and nervous, but really its just a new experience. Some play sports, and some join clubs in college.  

Seniors can either choose to stay in the state for college or go out of state. Some say they want to go out of state because it can be a new experience, and even have some family there.

Carlson, a senior here at Rocky Mountain High said, “I chose to apply to Utah state because I heard that it is really pretty, and most of my family lives in Utah. BYU Provo is where a ton of my friends have gone and I LOVE going to their football and soccer games there. BYU Provo has so much school spirit and it is so fun. I also have stayed on campus there a few times and kind of got the vibe. My number one choice is BYU Hawaii. My grandparents live in Hawaii and I visited them for a few weeks and fell in love with the island. I never wanted to leave. I also have quite a few friends that go there and just LOVE IT!”  

Jacyln said, “I chose BSU because I can still be away from my family but close at the same time.” 

Another big topic about getting accepted into college; is it can be exciting for some, and very nerve racking for others.

Carlson said, “I am SO EXCITED to go to college. I cant wait to move out and start doing everything on my own. I have always been pretty mature and just want to be grown up already.”

 College gives students the chance to do what they want and make their own decisions and get to be independent. 

Jacyln, another senior from Rocky said, “I am excited. I want to go out on my own but I don’t want to leave my family.” 

Others may choose not to go to college or might not even be sure yet. Alexandrea, also a senior here at Rocky said, “I haven’t looked to hard into any yet, but it will likely be an art school that’s outside of Idaho. University of Alberta in Canada is probably the most likely.”