Behind the Books: Rocky’s Librarians

Annalise Brooke, Photographer

In a school as big as Rocky Mountain, it is easy to not know all the staff that keep school going. A group of staff that are especially important to our school is the librarians. The librarians do so much for the students that they might not even realize the extent of it. Their duties are far and wide, from ordering books and other resources for students, scheduling times for classes to use the library, organizing the books and helping students find books pertaining to their interests. They also have book clubs set up for the kids that love and enjoy reading.  

When asked what her favorite part of being a librarian is, head librarian Christie Nichols said, “Looking at the new releases of books and deciding what book kids might be interested in.” 

The library is always getting all different kinds of genres of books so there is something for every student to enjoy. Whether your favorite books are drama, history, adventure, mystery or anything else, they have it. There is always a good book out there for you; you just have to find it.  

It’s always interesting to see what led people to the profession they are in and what inspired their love of what they do.

Nichols said, “I grew up reading. I have just always read. I would go to the library and bookstore with my dad a lot. I started out as a classroom teacher teaching Spanish and government then I realized I could take the thing I really love and transition it to being my job.”

Students don’t often spend tons of time in the library talking to the librarians so it can be hard to form personal connections. While being a classroom teacher, they can spend more time with students and hear all their thoughts and ideas. It is easy to form connections and learn about one another in a normal classroom setting.  

Nichols said, “What I miss most from the classroom is the connections I make with the students…when you can see more of their personality and they can see yours. 

 The librarians are always willing and want to help students, especially when it comes to reading. The library is also a good quite place to get work or studying done before and after school or at lunch. It’s a great place to have quite time for research or homework.  

Hit the books soon at Rocky’s library in the 4 Corners!