Humans of Rocky: Mr. Borman


Daniel Gray

Mr. Zachary Borman

Daniel Gray, Editor

Zachary Borman 

What makes you happy? 

Things that make Mr. Borman happy include: “The first sip of coffee in the morningextensive discussions on trivial matters, the perfectly placed pun (particularly when it comes from one of my children), my children, trampoline parkswatching people play the piano, bacon & grilling a perfect steak, Tina Fey, and my wife…but don’t tell her I listed her after Tina Fey. 

Other things on his list of happiness : “When I am momentarily under the illusion students actually learned something in my class, debating politics with people who I disagree with, but respect greatlyhanging out with my parents and yelling at various news programs, brainstorming arguments with my varsity debate kids, teaching ethics in debate classwatching students succeedMovies that don’t have a clear bad guy, but rather show that all people are capable of good and evil actions… depending on the context, also Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. The runner’s high you get a few miles into that long run where it doesn’t hurt anymore and you can be TOTALLY immersed in your own thoughts.